Student Learning Assessment: The Intersection of Graduate & Undergraduate Education

Assessment of student learning is a key activity to ensure student achievement and to maintain institutional accountability in undergraduate education. These goals are especially important for Michigan State University (MSU), a public, land-grant institution with a long-standing commitment to, therefore enrolling a very diverse student body academically, socially, culturally, and demographically.

MSU is committed to foster learning by all students, and graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are key contributors to that goal. We assert that advancing graduate students’ and postdoctoral fellows’ expertise in assessment will benefit undergraduate education and contribute toward the success and excellence of graduate students as future faculty. MSU proposes a multi-faceted approach that will leverage current initiatives to enhance relationships between undergraduate student learning and the preparation of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to become faculty members who excel at assessing student learning. Our goal is to use MSU’s considerable infrastructure supporting professional development of teaching excellence to move purposefully towards a more cohesive University approach to the assessment of student learning by explicitly linking assessment to the disciplinary-specific preparation of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows as future faculty.

Michigan State is now a part of a select network of institutions (Harvard, Cornell, North Carolina A&T, University of North Carolina at Greensborough, UC Merced) sponsored by a grant from the Council of Graduate Schools, the Sloan Foundation and the Teagle Foundation.

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